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-0 in the standings. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you so much for joining us. >> how you feeling? >> great, how are you? >> great. >> a little tired from watching the game? >> no, i'm still living off that. like i played. huh? meteorologist justin berk with a look at our weather. >> want to break in the stadium, at least the second game. we had a good night last night, a good weather day yesterday and we're going to pick up on that as we head through this morning. good stuff, especially for those of you who are red-eyed this morning. you may want to put the shades on. we'll have a little sunshine mixed in with the clouds. we're still an hour away from sunrise or at least an hour and a half with the chill this morning in the 50s and low 60s. we warm up nicely this afternoon. then we'll talk about igor, still a category 4 and now sister julia, hurricane julia, renamed and upgraded earlier this morning. yesterday, we've got our time lapse imagery across baltimore. you can see we had a mix of clouds thrown into the sky but this morning 67 at oriole park camden
earl is huffing and puffing on the coast. what will he do this weekend? i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. justin is headed down there to check everything out as we keep an eye on earl. >> the hard thing is if you have a place down there, you wonder ooh. >> earl is down to a category 3. i want to make one point clear. the most common question i've had so far this week, i want to answer. this is not isabelle. by any stretch of the imagination, a completely different storm. isabelle chugged inland, pushed surge up the bay. this one stays out to sea. around the bay and baltimore, not much of an impact, a close pass on the east coast, already watches and warnings posted for virginia through north carolina, and we'll be watching our close approach to ocean city thursday night and friday. beyond that labor day weekend looking cooler but looking nice. here we go. tropical satellite showing us where it is, east of the turks and northeast of the turks and caicos and bahamas islands. we'll have the latest update in just a few minutes. taking you back home, a q
. >>> justin watching such names like karl, julia, igor. good morning, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> thanks for joining us, thursday. >> hey listen, i'll be in cumberland tomorrow, broadcasting live on our on the go. i have my winter jacket ready. >> me and julia, down by the studio. >> simon and garfunkel. >> i feel like i'm in a barber shop this morning. we're not going to look at extreme chill any time soon. mild morning, thanks to the increasing clouds. small chance of clouds. if anything, mr. costello, you'll knee the waterproof jacket tonight. do you think we'll get a lot of rain out of there in time for you to go out in western maryland. wet weather in the tropics. karl hit mexico, back over the water, strengthening, you've got hurricane igor at 34. currently 56 degrees, your start point on the thermometer and bel air. let's see what's happening on the roads right now. >> well from cumberland to cambridge and from cockeysville to columbia, everything's looking pretty good so far on the roads this morning. we don't have any delays or accidents. just fire activity in glen bu
to stop it, we'll find out how to do it. >>> good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello, welcome in on this wednesday morning. >> wednesday, september 29th. jamie's birthday. >> all right, let's move it along. meteorologist justin -- we've got some mad, bad weather. >> we do need rain. >> see my pin, justin? >> nice introduction, birthday-boy, appreciate it. we have bad weather rolling in. currently it is located near cuba. the fact that something near cuba of a tropical nature could reach us in a day or day and a half is in and of itself astounding. been really trying to work over all these computer models. there are a bunch of solutions. tropical storm nicole may reach maryland by tomorrow night or sooner. heavy rain will spill out ahead of it. either way you slice it, name or no name, two to four inches a guarantee, higher amounts possible, that's why we have ourselves a flood watch, at least through tomorrow evening. it appears as if we're mostly cloudy, high thin clouds, there'll be sunlight this morning, but the clouds will thicken up. look at the slug of moisture down the
th of september. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today! it's our very own jamie costello! [applause] big 5-1. >> she called he 51. >> he's 51 cent! [laughter] >> jamie, happy birthday. he's pictured right there with his beautiful daughter, lauren, a student at the university of delaware. >>> all right, 6:25. and if you have a birthday, send it in to send a nice picture, we'll put it on the air and celebrate your birthday with you. >>> her birthday party can be described as a wild time. >>> for this little girl, wasn't the party she dreamed about. >>> plus: >> reporter: baltimore city health officials fight against bedbugs. i'll tell you how you can get answers about this problem. two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich did not make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but martin o'malley, even in the toughest of times, has made record investments in public schools, new sch
for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. welcome back, justin berk. >> we've got another hurricane but this one well out into the atlantic and this one not going to impact us at least immediately and at least in the near term. we're looking at first off, after the first wet day in nearly three weeks morning clouds and some areas of fog. even dampness on the yownd that will dry out this afternoon, as the breeze gives us clearing sunshine and nice warm temperatures. there's hurricane igor. right now a very strong category 4 and could become a category 5 storm as we head on in through the afternoon or evening. we'll talk more about that coming up. this morning, just quiet around town. low clouds, areas of fog and 61 in baltimore. to 57 with fog over there in easton on the eastern shore. we're clear and we're quiet on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. five complete sweeps across the chesapeake and maryland, no rain today but early fog and clouds giving way to clearing. this afternoon's 2-degree guaranteed high of 82 with sunshine. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >>
pothole is costing you dearly. i'm jamie costello. >>> and i'm megan pringle. >>> hot hot hot. meteorologist justin burke with our forecast for today. >> reporter: on the last day of summer, temperatures reached 90 degrees. tying the all time top count. happy fall to all. it is a morning that features a little bit of fog. it took down trees in baltimore county, and a nasty storm came right along route 50 all the way near croftton. temperatures in arnold 67, 63 toward westminister. not much of a spread this morning, but we have areas of fog. what appears to be a developing thunderstorm just west of hagerstown. otherwise we expect a dry morning. isolated thunderstorms, with a guaranteed high of '88. could reach 90 in backyards. here's kim brown. good morning. >>> hey justin, good morning, everyone. we have another accident reported up in perryville in harper county. police are also still working an accident at the baltimore county line on the eastbound lanes of route 40. right now looking at our drive times however, no problems around the beltway. looking good from bel air to pr
morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> how about a hand for megan pringle for making national -- you looked great. >> you're very sweet. i feel very silly even talking about it because that whole show was amazing. the girls are so amazing. >> it's about us, though, it's about us, right? that's the most important thing. >> no, i thought it showed baltimore in a great light. i think it was a very proud moment. >> i was very proud of our show last night. >> i have a special good morning. 5:30 this morning. from perry and gail in parkville. gail has her dog on her lap, they watch every morning at 5:30. great to meet you this weekend. >>> meteorologist justin berk is here. it poured on the tailgate and then the skies were beautiful. >> i think it was washing away the cobwebs. brand new season started yesterday, right? for gail in parkville, i want to let you know your dog will get wet if you go for a walk. we have a little wet weather now. parkville 65 degrees. northeast wind, gusting to 13 miles an hour. you've already seen a third-inch of rain and more on the
>>> 6:31. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. it's bad out there. justin berk now with the latest. >> good morning to you, this is a busy morning here, we have a lot of stuff to talk about, we'll talk about the immediate area and get to the tornado warning to our south, may have an impact on anne arundel county. not under a tornado warning now. they may be shortly. we're watching a strong, strong storm. the remains of what was once a hurricane, i'm sorry, tropical storm nicole, it's going to feel like a tropical system here with winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory, we have heavy rainfall expected, uh, on average, probably between 2 to 5 inches, even higher amounts likely. and in between, the possibility of some tornados. i had one report from one of our weather watches on the eastern shore, they had lightning extended, which isn't common with a tropical system. we have a tornado watch until 1:00 p.m., all the orange-shaded counties in maryland which include carol, baltimore, harford, cecil, down through howard, anne arundel,
'm jamie costello. >> let's go right to weather. here's meteorologist justin berk. >> we are checking out the latest on earl. earl has gotten stronger. it really increased strength yesterday. it surpassed that. this morning's advisory from the national hurricane center, showing 145 mile-per-hour winds. a very clear distinct eye now. roughly 30 miles across. the wind field of tropical storm force winds extends 230 miles away. which means if the center of the storm is 230 miles away from ocean city, they'll still get tropical storm force winds. the one good thing here is that the passage of earl off the coast will be the weaker side of the storm. usually the right side with forward motion. the worst part of the storm is out to sea. the beaches under a tropical storm warning. winds averaging between 40 and 60 miles per hour this time tomorrow into the early part of the afternoon. waves probably 10 to 20 feet. we'll be standing there live from ocean city. coastal flood advisory, not from weather, at the bottom of the screen you see winds averaging 9 or 10 miles per hour. really the impact's n
." i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. the big story we've been talking about since 4:00 this morning, hurricane earl and the driving gusts driving rains and churning through north carolina and starting to be felt in southern parts of virginia and on its way up the east coast. let's goat to lynnette charles. >> reporter: we are watching earl this morning. it is bringing rain bands now, lots of rain into the outer banks. let me show you what's going on because we do have beaches under a tropical storm warning and the winds about 30 to 60 miles per hour. the waves are 8 to 10 to 15 feet. check out what's going on in ocean city. not much change there and we do have the winds out of the north east. we have joce there standing by. tell white house you have. >> good morning. we moved to higher ground because we wanted to give you a better view of the ocean. it's scary out there. we saw things yesterday shaping up to be a bit dicey. they let surfers out on the beach and now we have people who are living here. a couple of hours makes a difference. when we first walked out cri
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there on the hill. we're on the mountain side of maryland today on the go with jamie costello! back to you. >>> a gorgeous weekend to be there. we'll check in with you in a bit but first we want to talk about yesterday's shooting at johns hopkins hospital which ended with two people dead and a doctor seriously wounded. police say 50-year-old paul pardus of arlington, virginia shot the doctor who was interesting his mother then shot his mother and eventually himself. the fact pardus was able to bring a gun into the hospital has raised a lot of questions and something a lot of people are talking about this morning. as christian schaffer tells us, don't expect to see wide use now of metal detectors. >> kind of chaotic, nobody knowing what's going on. >> reporter: thousands notified by text message there had been a shooting on the eighth floor of the nelson building. they locked themselves in not knowing where the gunman would be. >> it's scary not knowing where the person is with a gun on a rampage in a hospital where we are supposed to be protected. >> my brother finally contacted her and s
, a different vantage point. >> it looks like a syntha bon. maybe i'm hungry. >> good morning. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. a syntha bon? >> with a lot of frosting. >> here is justin berk. >> we are quiet. we take a look there. there is not much to talk about. that is good news because as we go into the next day or so, continued beautiful weather. i say it is good news but we still need moisture. look at that. those high clouds still giving us a mostly sunny sky and temperatures reaching around 80 but in the shade it did feel a little chilly yesterday. we're down to 56 degrees this morning. it is 50 there. one of the warm spots by the bay in chester. our guaranteed high after a chilly start, we get more sun and a high of 78 degrees. >> we're getting reports of an accident in brooklyn park. that will be at ritchie highway and 9th avenue. no closures at this time, but expect to see emergency crews on the scene. we're still working an accident on the interloop of the key bridge that is blocking the right lane. only able to get by to the left and causing d
through her stage doors to the tune of "love train." another jamie costello hit we're going to hear. >> love it. >> that show is happening later today. then i guess we'll hear more about it. >> >> always good. >>> ben affleck premiered his oscar-contender movie at the toronto film festival this weekend. he directed, stars and helped write the film and it will open in the the u.s. this week. no it's been 25 years since the release of super mario brothers on nintendo in celebration nintendo has a special web site that has game play footage of every mario game released since 1985. super mario has gone on to sell 25 million units. >> i was a packman girl. >>> that huge fire in san bruno changed a neighborhood forever. >> coming up, we're going who -- to show you the efforts, on the explosion, the events and look it a it from outer space. >> they are trying to get the power back on in little italy. i'm linda so. how long before it's restored and the detours to expect until the work gets done. when i use expedia, my friends at work think there's more than one "me." ...because on our
more of something that we've all experienced these days, road rage. jamie costello is here with tips on how to keep your road rage in check and advice on how to prevent your self from becoming a victim. >> it's ridiculous. totally ridiculous. >> reporter: most of us have experienced one time or another. >> i had it this morning on the belt way. >> reporter: road rage, that's that feeling when you get when someone in front of you is driving slow in the fast lane or someone cuts you off of the highway. you honk, maybe even display that certain finger but police say road rage can be more serious than a simple exchanged of dirty looks. >> we see fights on the side of the road we see people get stabbed and shot on the side of the road trying to confront an aggressive driver. >> reporter: they have seen cases of aggressive driving in our state increase. in just four years the you in per of cases went up 63%. there were also a 54% jump in actual number of injuries and 9% jump in the number deaths. there are ways to keep your rage in check. for one give yourself plenty of time before l
i'm jamie pringle. >> i'm megan costello. happy any. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >> good morning, guys. it is friday and a gorgeous day. temperature coming in at 76 degrees. what a pleasant temperature. we're looking at the headlines. we have more sunshine in here and we will be a bit cooler for today. the winds will be lighter but still we have the enhanced threat for some possible fires out there. so definitely no open burning for today. and i am forecasting rain moving in here. the timing's not so great for the weekend. the t. looks dry even through tomorrow all five sweeps are on. by tomorrow evening, that's when the chance for showers could roll into the picture. the temperature into catonsville right now is coming in at 57 degrees. check out the wind gusts up to 16 miles per hour. you know what? that will be continuing as we go throughout the day. those gusts will be picking up and so will the sustained winds. we're worried about the fires out there. how are the roads looking this morning, kim? >> looking good, lynnette. we
morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, lynnette. >> good morning, jamie. we missed you yesterday, by the way. we're looking athe good weather for today. 76 degrees is the perfect temperature. we're going to be dry once again. that's the caveat in the forecast. a bit cooler so it lowers the risk for the fire potential, but it still is possible. so we have to watch that. so still no outdoor burning. more sunshine for today. those temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s. save the best news for last is the fact that we need some rain and we could see that over the weekend. the timing's not that great but we need it. maryland's most powerful doppler radar not picking up any rain as of now. it will get more active as we head into the weekend. the temperature into easton is 55 degrees right now. we're looking at that humidity at 76%. the sustained winds are calm as of now. we have a gust up to 8 miles per hour. all of this will be picking up, the sustained winds as we go throughout the afternoon and morning time frame. the
for new england this morning. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us this friday. of course you want to know what's up with earl. >> meteorologist lynnette charles has the answer. good morning, lynnette. >> good morning, jamie. happy friday, everyone. what is up with earl? earl is bringing some rain to the carolinas and virginia. as we go through the morning hours once that sun comes up and go into the afternoon, i'd say maybe around 12:00, 1:00, we will be seeing earl and it will be getting out of here. here are your headlines for today. the beaches still have a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. the winds, 30 to 60 miles per hour with that, and the waves 10 to 15. and then the bay does have coastal flood advisories in effect for today as well. so ocean city's temperature coming in at 75 degrees. this is abc 2 storm tracker. we have not seen any type of change over the past hour here. the dew point is 75 and it feels like 71. the winds have been changing and that's about it. the satellite is showing -- this is what i wa
's today. it's the 29th, for of those you celebrating a birthday, like jamie. happy birthday to our jamie costello, pictured there with his gorgeous daughter who you told me today she couldn't wait to show you what she got you for your birthday. little skype action. t-shirt and candy. happy birthday, jamie. >> thanks. >> we adore you here. hope your 29th birthday is wonderful today. >> if you have birthday wishes, send them in right now at >>> can you see what she was doing? living on a prayer, c'mon. >> bon jovi. >>> all right, listen, the singer turned acrobat. >> what prompted gloria estefan to jump out of a window during the miami dolphins game? >>> getting into the holiday spirit, the search is on for the perfect christmas tree to decorate the most famous house in the united states. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall. i always feed in the fall. but, it's the best time. feed your lawn in the fall. the fall feeding makes all the difference in the world. what the fall feeding does is build the roots.. that's when the roots sorta want nutrition. i give my la
the marathon begin! >>> 6:42. this is your abc2 news to go. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> it could be a while before we know who is this city's top prosecutor. >> it all comes down to the absentee ballots. linda sow is live right now, we'll check with her in just a moment. >> good morning to you, what's happening is clouds in the sky, different view over the last few days. not as chilling for many of us. we're looking at temperatures ranging from 65 in baltimore, 63 in easton. warm, 71 in ocean city. go the other way, they have more clearing overnight. step back in york, pennsylvania to 53. hour by hour forecast shows us partly to mostly cloudy throughout the day. high of 84. small chance of showers popping up. we'll talk more about the better chance of storms tonight and tomorrow in just a bit. here's kim brown with a look at traffic. >> it is beginning to slow down on 95 southbound through the white marsh boulevard area and then it's almost stop and go as you approach the fort mchenry toll plaza. for the most part, incident free this morning. traffic looks good as yo
weather on our doorstep. it's going to get worse. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. really the weather is the big story today. looks like we better brace ourselves, it'll be here a while. >> here's justin berk. >> let's run down the details here. it's you know, seven months ago, we had ourselves blizzards to deal with, now we have the remains of a tropical storm that will stay with us for the entirity of today and perhaps into the early part of tomorrow. we're looking at a wind advisory, the remains of nicole which are no longer an official tropical storm. it's broken up into a few pieces. every piece is thrown at central maryland. wind advisory with gusts of 45 miles an hour today. there could be a possibility of tornados with a watch extended to 1:00 p.m. for most of central maryland off towards the eastern shore and our states to the north and into the carolinas. rainfall could top 2 to 5 inches. flooding, almost a guarantee across the area. we have heavy rain right now around the beltway. severna park, annapolis, the orange and red shadings. there's more
>> good morning med. i'm jamie costello. >> before we get do all the results let's get to weather and see how it is shaping up today. >> pretty good weather. no debate on this one. we have a nice weather pattern and fairly normal condition the. 48 minutes to sunrise. mostly clear this morning. we're chilly and some of us have patchy fog in baltimore county and some of the per riv fry of the valley reservoirs. we have hurricane igor, still category 4. julia upgraded to category 4. karl about to hit mexico. a lot to talk about, but currently we're dry. we are looking at temperatures ranging from 56 degrees right now. 58 there. 54 on the eastern shore in chester town. mostly sunny sky. the high reaches 78 this afternoon. our traffic update now with kim brown. >> thanks justin. this morning we have traffic jammed across the interloop span on the key bridge and only one lane getting by at this time. expect a delay there. a struck pedestrian at ritchie highway and 9th avenue. no delays or problems there. that is a five minute trip. about a 3 men it right there. no issues on the top side
of congress. >>> this is your abc2news to go. i'm jamie costello. >> and 1500 votes separate the candidates and absentee ballots have to be count the. when will we know? >> we'll find out. >> we are taking a look, fife complete sweeps and we're quiet. patchy fog this morning. clear sky camera image. that is not completely clear, a couple of clouds on the right side of the screen. this is the welcome back to the weather network at 53 degrees there. temperatures ranging from a warmer 60 in manchester. >> otherwise, a mostly sunny sky. 78 degrees. we'll be talking about the three active tropical systems coming up in a couple of minutes. here is kim brown with traffic. >> that earlier accident has been cleared. there is one accident at this time. volumes will slowing around the area. we're at liberty road. speeds will be down there. same thing on the northeast corner, slow from bellaire to charles street. we'll get a look in a moment. >> it was hot going in and hotter coming out. it is the morning after. are we any closer to find out who is in charge of protecting our city >> here is the latest
effects that will happen today. >>> i'm megan pringle. >>> and i'm jamie costello. >>> every lane i get in, it is ending if 200 feet. >> your mind is already on your morning compute. >> absolutely. construction on northern parkway, pratt street and the beltway is always slowing you down. it is actually costing you a lot of money. how much? first meteorologist, justin burke. >> reporter: feels like summer. hanging on to 67 degrees after reaching 91 yesterday. in between we had thunderstorms, lots of trees down. and a -- little bit of fog to deal with this morning. we have a cluster of storms firing up near hagerstown this morning. a band of clouds this morning. trying to turn partly to mostly sunny and another round of isolated late day storms. puts 90 within reach. let's see what is happening as you reach for the keys. and go out the door. >> reporter: in perryville, we have a crash that has route 222 at 275 close in both directions. traffic lights are not working at davidson bill road. i'll give a complete list of downed trees and wires, for issues on any of the major roadways at this tim
. >> i'm jamie costello. >> here's justin berk. >> we have cloudy skies and slightly milder temperatures this morning. chill in the 50s for all of you. we're watching a small chance of showers this afternoon, a better threat through tonight and early tomorrow. tropical storm karl hit mexico, now back over the waters. strengthening could become a hurricane for a second hit on mexico this weekend. we'll be watching igor, downgraded to a category three hurricane. locally we're talking about 56 in bel air, but not as chilly in some other spots. we're looking at 65 degrees. much different setting in glen burnie. it will turn out to be a mostly cloudy day here in baltimore with a two-degree guaranteed high reaching 84. we'll talk about showers and the weekend outlook coming up, right now, let's talk traffic. here's kim brown. >> there's not much traffic to talk about this morning, which is always a good thing when you're headed out the door. no incidents at this time, just building volume. speeds will be down slightly. as you see, at least it's moving. no issues towards 70. looks good as you c
on the east coast effecting 30 million people. good morning, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. we've been on since 4:00 trying to keep you posted on this storm as it heads our way. >> we have live team coverage across the area from north carolina to baltimore to the eastern shore and ocean city. >> so let's start things off first with meteorologist lynnette charles standing by tracking the hurricane. lynnette? >> good morning, everyone. we are definitely watching hurricane earl. everybody is covered. let me show you what's going on right now because we have the headlines. the beaches, tropical storm warnings. we're trying to find the change. so we no longer have the hurricane watch, just have a tropical storm warning up. the winds 30 to 60 miles per hour. the waves about 8 to 15 feet and have a coastal flood advisory for the bay. we'll start to go downhill and already doing that. you can see the temperature hasn't moves a little bit. now's at 76. the dew point is still the same. feels like 82.  the winds have been fluctuating back and forth. this is your maryland's most powerful
, that is enough to scare store owners and shoppers don't you think? >> good morning, i'm jamie costello. >>> and friday is almost here and fall is here. meteorologist justin burke. good morning, justin. >> reporter: we had big boomers roll through last night. especially in the evening the overnight hours. we'll see if kim has any updates on the traffic delays as a result of some of those. yesterday we had 91. the 53rd day we hit surpassing the 90-degree mark. happy fall today. we have morning fog and more heat on the way. as we check it out. we are generally looking across the area, conditions are basically summer like. 67 degrees in baltimore. with fog in baltimore county. some of the valley locations held on to some of the cooler temperatures during the morning hours. big storms rolled through yesterday as well. going for 88 today as our guaranteed high. could reach 90 in some spots. here's kim with a check on the traffic. >> reporter: northern baltimore county got hit good with the storms last night nmonkton we have a handful of intersections affecting with downed trees. the westboun
to learn more about each candidate before the primaries on september 14th. jamie costello sits down with raymond adkins a candidate for congress in maryland's second district. >> reporter: joining me now is raymond adkins thank you for coming in. what do you see as the single most important issue facing the nation right now. >> we have several issues that are critical. first, our economic situation and the deficit. second, the taxes, and probably the most important one is the situation in terms of jobs and our lack of jobs and unemployment situation. it's crucial that we address this as a foundation and really start to try simulate some growth, particularly in the second congressional district where we have a severe problem, and it runs to every element of the second congressional district. beyond that the taxing situation has become so severe that it's literally limiting the growth. small businesses are being strangled, and they really are the foundation of our economic situation here in the second congressional district. >> what will you do in office to affect the greatest chan
with your abc2 news to go. >> i'm jamie costello. not talking about earl this weekend, the big story's about justin bieber. >> girls were swooning at the maryland state fair last night. people lined up for hours before they could get. in they were looking for the best spot in the house. let's check in with the weather first. here's lynette charles. >> the weather today will be gorgeous. let me show you as we go hour by hour, we're looking pretty good. starting you off this morning at 69 degrees. lots of sunshine will prevail today. by lunch time, 79. by the afternoon, around 3:00, 4:00, forecasting a high about 83 degrees with that temperature coming into the 60s as we go into the evening timeframe. check out what we have today. yes, it's a big game between navy and maryland. temperature at 83 degrees. clear and mild. lots of sunshine, those winds will be out of the south at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. enjoy, back to you, guys. >>> if you could take a mulligan, a do-over, what would you do? nurse, accountant, teacher? truck driver? >> yes, today is labor day, a day to celebrate the workforc
, welcome in. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. the big story is obviously earl. a lot of people want to know what it's going to bring to us. >> justin berk has the answers. >> we already thought earl peaked. we wake up with it knocking on the east coast doorstep, it's gotten stronger. winds measured at 145 miles per hour. that is a very strong category 4 storm. not just minimal for deep within that range. it appears as if it's actually expanded in size. going to about 230 miles away. could hit the north carolina coastline. at least tropical storm force winds. this will stay away from baltimore and that cold front to our west will help push the thing off the coast. until then, here we go. this is what earl means to maryland. beaches under a tropical storm warning. guaranteed there'll be tropical storm conditions within 36 hours. by this time tomorrow, when i'm standing on the beach with christian shaeffer. joce sterman going in for full coverage. we have waves between 10 to 20 feet expected off the shoreline. there may be flooding, about three-foot tidal surge. some of the water
kratovil and i approve this message. >>> i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. move that bus. two months ago we saw it being built. we finally got to see the new home for girls hope. >> thousands of you came out to give your time and donations to make this possible. we're going to see the home in a minute. >>> first let's check in with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. really heavy rain right now rolling up through baltimore county. 83 york road from cockeysville to hunt valley and parkton. this stuff had come from the south earlier, though it appears to have dried out around the beltway the roads are still wet. where this came from, we've got 67 now in downtown baltimore. we've received almost a full inch of rain just in the last two hours. it's going to be a wet day. we've got more on the way and we'll have the complete forecast coming up. it's all about the wet commute. >>> here's kim brown with the latest. >> it's messy out there early on. on route 97 southbound, only one lane gets by because of an accident blocking the left lane and shoulder here. northbound on the
doing? i'm jamie costello. >> let's take a look at our weather. here is justin burke. good morning. >> good morning to you. we take a look at our headlines. you are going to notice, when you step outside, we have had some chill that we have not had for mo.
inspections... extraordinary chicken. >>> i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. this is what we're all talking about today. anquan bolden with quite a night. joe flacco quite a night. it was a sloppy game, ok? but we're 1-0 and of course helodi makes a big play at the end of the game so the ravens win 1-0 on the year. 10-9. >>> first, we're going to the head coach of the weather center, meteorologist justin berk. >> i kind of like that. i got upgraded from julia this morning. >> where is your headset? >> right here. i need an impressive one. we have another hurricane to talk about. we'll do that in a couple of minutes. this morning we're down with chill. in bel air 55. a lot of us in the 50s to low 60s. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. with our 2-degree guaranteed high of 80 degrees. for the chief of traffic center, here's kim brown. >> thank you. >>> we have a bad accident this morning. northbound 95 as you approach caton avenue you'll see the two left lanes and shoulder blocked at this time. as we look at the cameras, emergency crews on scene, traffic begins to slo
'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. >> the woman who gave us "the rhythm is going to get you" got out. >> she was locked out of her miami dolphins sky box, she climbed out the window. we'll tell you more about this story. >> we are looking at cloudy skies trying to build back in from southern maryland, we have a high thin cloud deck this morning. we are expecting clouds to return, and bring back tropical moisture, even though it's cool this morning at 56 in baltimore. 52 york, pennsylvania. ocean city, 67. yeah, we do expect rain to return from south to north this afternoon as those clouds thicken up. we go for our two-degree guaranteed high of 71. more rain will build in tonight and definitely by daybreak tomorrow. here's kim brown with traffic. >> traffic starting to build around the area. we do have minor delays on the outer loop of the beltway between 795 down towards liberty road. as it gets slow on the top side of the outer loop between bel air and providence. fortunately we've been accident free all morning. traffic looks good on the 95 corridor, no problems on the harrisburg e
'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us, it's september 7. >> nice day yesterday. >> beautiful day. nice day on sunday and saturday. can we keep it going? >> yes, we can keep it going for today. it will get warmer and humidity. we are going to have another nice day on tap. now more sunshine is getting warmer, more humid, increasing clouds by tomorrow because that's going to be courtesy of a cold front that moves through and we will cool back down by the end of
'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning, middle of the week. >> yeah, all right. lynette charles says we're going to warm it up again maybe. >> breaking records. >> oh, yes, you're right. we're going to warm up ahead of the front. we broke records yesterday because we hit the 55th day of the 90s, yes, we broke
that. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. it was nice out yesterday. we've been breaking records this summer as far as the heat goes. yesterday we got up to 91 degrees. >> that was it's 55th day we did that, the record set in 1988, 54 days. yes, we trumped that. we might do it again today, before that front moves through. we'll see how we go with that. we're going to get some fall- like temperatures in here as we go into today, actually tomorrow and friday rather. it's going to be windy and dry behind that front, and with that we have a fire watch and a red flag warning in place as of now. that fire watch is from 10 a.m. through 6 p.m. this evening, that's for areas in beige. we have red flag warnings for pink shading areas, from 2 p.m. this afternoon to 7 p.m. this evening. no type of open burning this afternoon, this morning, because it is very dry, relative humidities are low. winds will be picking up. check out maryland's most powerful radar. you can't see anything, can you? let me zoom in on this one lone cell right there. you can see it. it's right off towards the east of m
the street from the hollywood casino. >> the tour of duty runners. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. we have had some gorgeous weather. >> yes, we have. >> and many of you are heading back to school and heading back to work. so obviously the weather is important today. here is lanette charles. >> if you have to head back to school and work today, you may as well do it in sunshine. lots of sunshine, getting warmer and a bit more humid. we'll see increasing clouds by tomorrow and all that is courtesy of a cold front that will roll through the area. we shouldn't be
each candidate before the primaries on september 14th. tonight jamie costello sits down with andy harris. >> reporter: republican candidate for congress in maryland's first district. thank you for joining us what do you see as the single most important issue facing the nation and your district right now. >> clearly it's getting jobs back and country back on track. the job situation is unbelievable in the united states historic highs and nothing has been done that will bring the unemployment rate down. we've got to get americans employed again. >> what will you do in office to affect the greatest change improving the quality of lave for your constituents. >> i got to tell you hits getting the deficits controlled and getting jobs back into maryland into the first district. because if we don't have jobs, if our economy is not running well, if we're worried about deficits going into the future businesses just can't operate. they can't create jobs they can't be the engine of job creation. they need to be and the whole economy suffers. that what we're seeing now washington's broken.
. it's a chance to learn about them before the primaries. jamie costello sits down with former governor bob ehrlich. . >> joining me now is roberter lick, republican candidate for gordon. thanks for joining us. >> good to see you jay. >> what do you see as the single most important issue facing the state. >> jobs, job creation, íen entrepreneur ship and the ability to create jobs going forward. it's not only in maryland, it's a around the country. >> what will you do in office to improve the life of your constituents. >> jobs obviously. an environment that invites entrepreneur ship and schools, obviously. people want to know about your schools, we would like to double charter schools, particularly jamie given the fact that some kids are sentenced to dysfunctional schools. taxes are all the concern with taxpayers. >> what do you want to bring to this office. >> i've done it before. it's hard for us to keep a serious face. i've done this before. we were elected in 2002, went down there, fixed the budget crisis, did some historic things with regards to criminal justice and transportation
, maryland, i'm jamie costello. 13 hours to kickoff. >> who is excited? >> i think we all are. >> the guy who brought the toys in. you can't see it because our names are up but you joe flacco here in a mini helmet. >>> here's meteorologist justin berk. we have a long day to get through before we get to the game. the day itself is a lot to talk about. we had quite a bit of rain yesterday, on average half-inch to 3/4 inch of much-needed moisture. the first rainy day in three weeks in baltimore. now we get a chance to deal with early-morning clouds and fog. notal
? they're more comfortable. >>> 6:43. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. we're watching and waiting, hurricane earl, category 3 headed to virginia now. >> the big question is will it come to ocean city? how bad is it going to be? everybody is getting ready for the worst. we're going to justin berk watching earl. >> ocean city, we're going to follow the storm for you beginning tomorrow. the weather station, 75 degrees, great weather for them. light winds, all will deteriorate tomorrow night and friday. we're watching in rehoboth. and another hot sunny day, 95, sunny to partly cloudy skies. right now kim brown has the latest on traffic. >> we're looking good so far on the roadways, it's going to be slow us a make your way around the beltway this morning. it's starting to jam on the outer loop here at old court road. expect your usual slowdowns between 795 down towards 70 and the baltimore national pike. top side of the outer loop on the northeast side also pretty slow between harford road and dulaney valley road. no accidents. baltimore county and harford county, we'll tel
't get back to work until we wish you a happy birthday. happy birthday to our very own jamie costello. jamie was born and raised in baltimore, featured there with his lovely daughter lauren. you know the tootsie rolls come back. happy birthday. >> thank you, all right, here we go, if you're having a birthday, send it to we'll give you all the publicity you need. happy birthday. let's take a look at our events of the day. >> okay. >> saturday we have a farm fest going on. glen arm, we're celebrating all things local. we're kicking off by local for the holidays. we have music, games, raffles, 12:00 to 5:00. it's about 15 minutes off the beltway, okay? >>> once upon a time, this place to be was barnes & noble, ellicot city. head to montgomery road. barnes & noble there. there's a number to call on your screen, starting tomorrow, every thursday, friday and saturday until october 30th, 11:00 a.m. they have a kid-friendly event. children telling stories. if you want more information, give them a call, that's every thursday and saturday, 11:00 a.m. until the end of octo
? >> without the glasses. >> that's pretty good. all right, good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. it starts back to school, back to work, and of course you want to know how the weather will be. here is louisiana net charles. >> it is tuesday and we are looking good once again. i have the sunshine for you today. it's going to get a little more humid outside and it's going to get warmer. but the humidity is not going to be anything like what we saw in july and august. we'll see increasing clouds by tomorrow and we'll cool back down by the end of the week. there's good news in this forecast. as you look at maryland's most powerful radar, it's going to be dry for today, so you pick a spot, and we are going to stay dry. we won't have any type of traffic trouble in terms of the weather. we like to see that as well. now your temperature into baltimore right now is coming in at 68 degrees and the humidity is at 93%. the winds very light out of the southeast with gusts at 10 miles an hour. all in all, a good looking forecast. here it is. wake up and the tempera
we keep our trees up and power on? we'll get you all prepared on this thursday morning. i'm jamie costello, good morning maryland. >> i'm megan pringle. prepare today when you head out the door. the right coat, shoes, umbrella and then some. >> meteorologist justin berk, one more time. >> you may be seeing rain more than five or six times in terms of how much we may get today. a lot of issues with the remains of what was once tropical storm nicole, had a long life span. it's going to have every little bit of a tropical feel with wind advisory, gusts of 45 miles per hour today. flood watch, heavy rain, also for tide coming up the bay. and a tornado watch in the area until 1:00 in the afternoon. all right, in addition to that, rainfall already over two inches in some spots. could max out at over five inches in some places today. flooded already an issue. heavy rain will continue all day long. we have one band pushing through right now. heaviest of the rain sliding up the chesapeake bay. kent island, graysonville, heading up towards extreme eastern baltimore county, middle river righ
morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. a little wet out there. >> let's find out with meteorologist justin berk with the weather. >> good morning. we're taking a look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. which is getting very active in some parts this morning but we're going to keep looking at it. we have pore rain, after all the rain we had yesterday and even the threat of severe weather that never really played out with the tornado warnings, we've got the chance of an isolated thunderstorm mixed in with some clearing this afternoon but more heavy rain and flooding likely to return on thursday. this morning, this is maryland's most powerful doppler radar. west side of westminster, because westminster proper is dry, you head up 140 towards taneytown, pouring, pouring in thurmont. that continues as we show you the wide view. there's the knot of heavy rain through northern frederick county now and just clipping the west side of
, it could be a cold, or find out what else it could be. >> ought oh. >> good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. how are you feeling? >> i'm good. i couldn't be around you monday, i knew you would be in a foul mood after that ravens game. all right, here's meteorologist, justin burke with the weather. good morning mr. burke. >> good morning to you. we have ourselves a chill in the air. we talked about this, but for some of you, you may be shocked when you walk outside and see temperatures that are down in the 40s in some spots. now this is the last full day of summer and we start off with temperatures in the 40s. oh, but that summer heat continues to build for the rest of the week. check it out right now. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we are clear, we are quiet, and we will remain dry. but this morning's temperature in ellicott city. right by the bay, we have a 54- degree reading. two degree guarantee this afternoon with sunshine. brings us back to a seasonal high of 78. right now, let's get our first check on traffic and say hi to kim brown. >>
and anything. even those set of wheels. jamie costello shows you how to play fair when borrowing takes effect. >> new homeowner stephanie johnson digs gardening in her back yard. >> i like the chance to be outside and relax and not worry about anything. >> recently she bought some work to build a raised vegetable garden. >> with any other method it would have taken forever. >> but she doesn't own a wheel barrow. rather than resort to retail she sent out to borrow. from books an electronic gang etcetera to appliances and more, these days, borrowing has gone high-tech on sites like share some sugar, neighbor borrow and, you can post and share items you own, and borrow things you need, all from others right in your neighborhood. >> tools, air beds, the list is really endless, their car even. >> think of each site as a match-making service. consumer psychologist matt waller says temporary ownership is a hot trend. >> a lot of people are feeling the pinch of not having money right now, they are turning to borrowing, particularly for more expensive items. >> by borrowing just once wal
seen what happened to me. >> ryan's mom, well, now she says their computer has parental controls. jamie costello, abc 2 news. >>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right. nice night across baltimore. temperatures beginning to drop, starting to get the fall feeling right, 64 degrees now and humidity very low and winds northwest lightening up a little bit. gusty at times today. take a look at our camera. downtown, we had a few high thin clouds out there today, not a real big deal, though, nice night in the city now. take you up to north side of town, see the trees shaking a little here, so it was breezy at times, and another relatively breezy day on the way tomorrow. temperatures tonight some spots like bell down to 57 degrees now and the highs today only in the low and mid-70s in many spots. you never get out of the mid- 70s there in edgemere, chester town, or bellaire or heir ford. never out of the low 71 ons and wind gusts up today, about 28 baltimore. these wind guests certainly will not be quite as strong tomo
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